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What makes a great photographer?


I have always said, half of what makes a fabulous photo is a pretty nice camera and some basic knowledge plus the other half is the chemistry formed with the photographer and client.


Each shoot is a personal challenge to find just the right angle to accentuate your best features. I take this very seriously. You probably won't even realize as I hold the camera, my wheels are turning to change the lighting, shadows, and background.


Working through moments that may be challenging such as: The terrible two phase, a bad hair day, skin imperfections, a grumpy kid, a spouse that is just not into the shoot, a wiggly pet, a rain cloud, a muggy day, a big scrape on the face, a drippy nose, a constant eye closer, a woman who is sensitive to her weight, and a wardrope selection gone bad.


These are all things I encounter QUITE often and I am proud to say, this is when my skills come in handy. Put me up against anyone of these or a series of these unmentionables and I am, "GAME ON". I might have a few unconventional methods to get people to smile as I draw out the automated fart machine, yell, "Daddy wears stinky diapers", yodel, blow a dog whistle, chirp like a bird, or offer to smell my stinky feet.


A photo is a lasting image to capture a moment in time and I want to help provide you with a quality series of photos that shares with the viewer your true personality!



I think the best way to know someone, is to ask who they are.


So here's what I am made of:


Believe that everything happens for a reason


Blonde will be my forever shade


People that don't feel like Disney World is magical, are people that are over-rated


Take time to lay in the grass and watch a flock of sparrows fly by


I hate rude people


Enjoy the smell of the ocean breeze and Coppertone suntan lotion in the air


Wear fun hats


Look strangers in the eye and make them smile back


I admire people that own a pet. It shows compassion to another species


A palm tree soothes the soul


I love to drive fast


Snorkeling is my happy place


Use your good dishes. You're special and you deserve it each day


Buy yourself flowers weekly


Dream BIG


Go to a football game just to hear the sound of the marching band


Serve Southern sweet tea with southern sweet hospitality attached


Chew on mint leaves


Look out for the underdog


Be a true philanthropist for all the right reasons


Don't lie


Be kind


I believe sportsmanship is more important than the actual sport itself


Owning a digital baby grande player piano is a dream of mine


Mummers make me happy


It drives me CRAZY when people drive slow in the left lane


The smell of peonies actually makes me giddy inside


Connect with the edlerly. They have a lot to still contribute to your life


I believe that soul mates are out there


Hug people often


Say you're sorry if you screw up


Use your cruise control, it will save you gas


I am not a big fan of brussel sprouts


You can never read enough books on a hobby you enjoy


I want to learn how to dance to latin music


Lasting impressions happen every day!


Be a role model


Support the arts


Alpacas have bad hair days too!